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Return and Refund Policy

After receiving a TESUP product, you have the right to request a return of the product within 5 working days. Provided the box remains unopened. The products are custom-made items which are specially designed and packed with non-reusable packaging material. These high-tech packaging chemicals and equipment can be used only once. For this reason if the box is opened the company can not accept the return of the product. The company controls and examines returned boxes with photo recordings. Once the order is shipped from our warehouses or factories, returning the boxes to the company is the only way for a refund. If you experience a problem with the product during operation please submit an After Sales ticket. Our engineers will go through your ticket and try to find a solution; a replacement, partial refund or purchase of new spare parts. We do not offer refund for the discounted sales. We offer replacement options for the warranty covered discounted sales. 

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