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TESUP is investing in creating a safer delivery packaging

The quality and safety of TESUP products is very important to us, we are continuing to invest in our products with the €22,000 purchase of a new packaging machine!

Our new FOAMplus box packer produces foam pads to properly secure TESUP products for shipping. When placed in a box with an object and heated, the foam pads expand to fill the rest of the packaging, ensuring the object cannot move around and be damaged as it is being transported. This makes sure your new TESUP wind turbine gets to you in perfect condition!

Coupled with our sturdy cardboard boxes, the new foam based packing system provides a comfortable fit for the part inside. The foam has the added benefit of protecting the product from liquid ingress by absorbing any liquid that could otherwise damage the product! As an example any rain that may have fallen on the box during transport would be safely absorbed.

Packaging in this way is not only safer, it's faster too! Pre-scanned product geometries can be given to the machine to ensure the correct amount of foam is injected, something that was not possible previously, helping operators quickly pack your new energy products. A wider two-film width allows larger packing material to be used, allowing for more efficient packing of boxes. These new improvements, among others, help TESUP to package up your order and send it off more quickly, making sure you can have your new product ready to install as soon as possible. #packaging#safety#tesup#investment#investinginthefuture#logistics#delivery#renewableenergy#electricalcomponents#installation#alternativeenergy#mechanicalcomponents#improving#cleanenergy#h&s

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