TESUP Dolphin200DC Marine Wind Turbine (Made in Europe)

This is a DC generating unit

US Norms Rated Power @11.5 m/s= 150 Watts

Maximum Power @15.0 m/s= 200 Watts


Warranty: the 2-year product warranty

Colour: White


Box Components

* TESUP Dolphin200DC Wind Turbine

* Built-in Battery Charge Controller inside the wind turbine body

(Ready to be connected to battery, everything is within the box. It can be used without a battery too.)


A game changer technology by TESUP:  Dolphin200DC wind turbine can be used without batteries; a built-in charge controller converts AC to DC.


  • 1000 mm sweep diameter
  • Cut in speed 3 m/sec
  • Max wind speed 16 m/sec
  • Built-in charge controller
  • Led light underneath



- Turbine Body: One piece cast aluminium
- Blade Material: Reinforced glass plastic
- Tail Pipe: Galvanized pipe 21.3 mm diameter (1/2 Pipe)
- Tail Material: Composite aluminium with a 5 mm thickness


Mounting of the wind turbine is carried out directly via plug connection an into pole. The inner diameter of the required pole: 37 mm nominal size.

Dolphin200dc Wind Turbine (Made in Europe)


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