* A power generation monster, can generate 3 KW
* All parts are environmentally friendly, biodegradable
* It can reach above 48V even by rotating the blades by hand
* Strong LED light underneath


Extremely durable 3100W wind turbine of the latest generation. By help of TESUP's experience in fabrication of fibre-glass, the rotor blades are very durable and stable, at the same time very light. The generator body is equipped with cooling fins and consists of aluminium. The maintenance-free sliding contact (free from charcoal) guarantees a good current flow and thereby no twisting of the cable in the pole. This TESUP Zeus3.0 wind turbine has a permanent magnet generator having strong N42 neodymium magnets with steel slots inside. When the wind speed is over 3 m/s, the turbine will be rotating freely by exceeding this holding torque (cogging torque). The wind turbine generates AC (Alternative Current), to charge your DC batteries or to feed a grid inverter you might need to purchase a TESUP Wind Charge Controller too. It is easy to change the charging voltage with a TESUP Charge Controller because max. charging voltage is adjustable via the potentiometer.

Mounting of the wind turbine is carried out directly via plug connection and into a pole. An inner diameter of the required pole: 37 mm nominal size.
This wind turbine has one of the TESUP's highly developed performance generators in it. Once a hurricane scale III (50–58 m/s) or above occurs, please cover wind turbine blades. Once the wind turbine blades are covered, they can not catch the wind and this will protect the wind turbine from the hurricane.

2 Years free TesupCare product warranty comes with this wind turbine.

ZEUS3.0 Wind Turbine (Made in Europe)


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